Shopping for Empowering Adult Videos and Women-Friendly Porn

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    Shopping for Empowering Adult Videos and Women-Friendly Porn


    Shopping for Empowering Adult Videos and Women-Friendly Porn

    One of the biggest complaints I hear from women regarding pornographic videos, dvds, and magazines is that these materials are not at all respectful of women.  In fact, many feel that they encourage men to view women in an unnatural way, creating unrealistic expectations for sexual relations and setting both men and women up for disappointment in the bedroom.  However, that's not to say all porn is bad.  Adult DVDs, books, and magazines can be innoffensive, fun, and even empowering for women.  It's simply a matter of finding adult movies and videos that appeal to you.

    The best place to start searching for erotic materials that present sex in a positive manner is in instructional videos and books on improving one's sex life.  While these are not typical porn, they are intended to teach lovers how to please one another by offering up new positions, techniques, and suggestions that will enhance the love life you have.  Additionally, these erotic videos tend to use realistic actors (and sometimes even real couples), depicting sex between two "regular people," rather than promoting the image of a porn star with gigantic breasts and a perfectly toned body.  Though they are certainly enticing in nature, instructional DVDs are empowering for both men and women who are looking to break out of a sexual rut.  

    Of course, sometimes a couple would rather look at porn without feeling compelled to learn something from it, and there's nothing wrong with wanting to be entertained or titillated.  If you and your lover would still like to avoid classic adult movies (and the unrealistic images they portray), searching for amateur porn movies, movies made by couples, and feminist porn should give you a better selection of the media you'd most enjoy.  Looking for DVDs and videos that are made by women is another good way to find sex-positive and women-centered porn.  Tristan Taormino and other female pornographers tend to treat their actresses with more respect and compassion than some male filmmakers.
    Instructional Sex Movies

    Finally, if purchasing xxx pornographic movies just aren't your thing -- maybe they just don't excite you, maybe you find them humorous but not erotic, or maybe you just aren't a visual person when it comes to sexuality -- erotic books can be an alternative way to heat things up between yourself and a parter.  Reading erotic stories to one another with allow you to use your imaginations, share an intimate experience, and even open up a discussion about what you liked and didn't like about the story you read.  Think of it as a book club for lovers!  

    As a feminist, and someone who is committed to being sex-positive and open-minded -- I've found that women-centered porn isn't nearly as hard to find as some people would like us to believe.  Give it a chance:  seek, and you might just find what you're looking for!               

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