Using a Strap-On Sex Toy with a Male Partner

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    Using a Strap-On Sex Toy with a Male Partner


    Using a Strap-On Sex Toy with a Male Partner

    As with all things sexual, strap-on sex is not for everyone.  However, many women find it sensual and exciting to experience the reversal of traditional roles that comes along with using a strapon with a male partner.  Since many men are hesitant to be on the receiving end of anal sex and stimulation, approaching the idea with sensitivity and careful consideration of your lover's feelings is very important.  Here are some do's and don't's for easing your partner into strap on play by sharing a series of intimate experiences together.

    Do start with a conversation.  Naturally, having an open discussion about your feelings is the first step toward turning your fantasies into reality.  Pick a neutral time -- when you have long enough to chat and you aren't currently engaging in any sexual activity -- to bring up your idea.  You may find that your lover is as eager to explore this new idea as you are.  If that's the case, read no further.  Go have some fun!  Unfortunately, it's also possible that your partner will be completely opposed to the idea and unwilling to discuss it any further.  If that's the case, you will probaby have to enjoy your strap-on desires alone, as your own personal fantasies, in the future.  More likely than not, however, your partner will be open to the suggestion even if he's not ready to dive in right away.

    Don't harp on the subject.  Once you've had your initial talk, give your lover some time to adjust to the idea before pushing him to take further action.  See if he brings up your fantasy in the near future.  Allowing him to make the next move will take the pressure off and give him a better sense of control over the situation.  If he doesn't mention anything about your conversation, it's okay to bring it up again and start implementing a plan to act on your fantasy.

    Do start small.  Literally.  While anal sex is known to be very enjoyable for many men, it can take some getting used to for everyone.  Experiment with fingering first, or use a small anal probe to get him used to the different sensations that accompany anal play.  Remember to use plenty of lubricant, and proceed with caution.  Give your partner plenty of opportunities to express his pleasure or displeasure and to tell you what feels good (and what doesn't)!  You will surely have more fun with any sexual stimulation you try when you know your lover is enjoying himself as well.

    Don't rush things.  Take your time exploring anal sex play together until you are both entirely comfortable.  Get to know what you each enjoy, so that you can concentrate and elaborate from there.

    Do purchase a quality strap-on.  When you're ready for the big event, make sure that you purchase a strap-on and strap-on harness that is high quality.  You want to make sure that the harness is adjustable so that you can make it fit you comfortably.  Soft leather is a great choice, but nylon and other fabrics can work well, too.  The best strap-ons are flexible, like the ones in the Vac-U-Lock series that allow you to try out different dildo attachments using the same harness.  That way, you can continue experimenting with the size, shape, texture, and material to discover which ones give your lover the most pleasure.  

    Most importantly, don't forget to be appreciative.  Let your partner know how pleased you are that he was willing to explore your fantasy with you and offer to do the same for him in the future.  With any luck, experimenting with strap-ons will be just one of many mutually enjoyable and intimately personal experiences for you to share.
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