Learning to Give an Erotic Massage

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    Learning to Give an Erotic Massage


    Learn to Give an Erotic Massage

    Vacation destinations and resorts offer massages as part of their luxury appeal.  Spas and salons offer them because they help people feel better about their bodies.  Physicians recommend them for a variety of aches and pains, as a good massage promotes health and healing.  Massage is considered both an art and a skill; professionals go through extensive training to learn all the right moves.  But the best massage isn't done by a professional, it's done by a lover, who is taking the time to savor every curve of his or her partner's body.  

    the sensual art of massage A well-done romantic massage is sure to send shivers up your lover's spine, titillating their senses and allowing them to relax and focus on every touch.  While the recipient of the massage is enjoying every  sensual sensation, the massage giver has the chance to gain an intimate knowledge of his or her partner's body.  Not only will a good massage make the two of you feel closer, it will also pave the way for extraordinary sex and a sound night's sleep afterwards.  That sounds like a lot to ask from your two, untrained hands, doesn't it?

    Relax!  Anyone can learn to give an excellent, erotic massage.  

    If you're feeling really inadequate or uninspired, there are many massage books that can help you to get started.  Study up!  Texts like The Sensual Art of Massage and Erotic Partner Massage are great starting points for anyone who feels less than confident as a masseuse.  They explain the different touches that excite each body part, detailing which surfaces respond to rough touches and which prefer a gentle tickle.  Massage books also offer advice on the most sensitive and erotic body parts, allowing you to turn a romantic massage into a sensually thrilling experience for your lover.  Books on massage can give you the knowledge needed to please your partner with an sexual rub down.

    However, book knowledge isn't enough.  You have to be ready and willing to experiment with your lover to customize your massage to his or her liking.  Some people prefer gentle touches and some do not respond unless the massage is hard and rough.  Open the lines of communication.  No one in his (or her) right mind is going to turn down the opportunity to receive a massage from their lover.  Ask your partner to demonstrate what feels good.  Devote some time to experimenting with different sensations -- feathers for tickling, silk for slipping and sliding, coarse fabrics for a rougher touch.  Try out warming massage oils and ice cubes to excite the nerves in opposite ways.  You can even see how your partner feels about a gentle blindfold over the eyes to heighten his or her other senses.  You can purchase many of these things as part of a massage kit, or simply choose substitutes from around your home.   

    Remember, the first massage you give doesn't have to be perfect.  If you take the time to learn exactly what your partner desires, he or she will appreciate not only your effort but the end result as well.   Pretty soon, neither of you will ever feel compelled to visit a professional masseuse again!             

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