How to Choose and Use Personal Lubricant

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    How to Choose and Use Personal Lubricant


    How to Choose and Use Personal Lubricant

    The thought of whipping out a tube of sexual lubricant in between kisses and cuddles can take all the heat out of a sensual moment, but there are many situations in which lube is not only helpful but pleasurable as well.  Instead of treating your lubricant like the enemy, think of it as the best friend your satisfying sex life could ever have.

    Start by accepting the need for personal lubricant.  Women who are breastfeeding, using birth control pills, or experiencing changes in their bodies as they age often benefit from a little lube.  Other women's bodies simply take longer and require more foreplay in order to become aroused.  This can be frustrating for any woman who feels that she should be ready to perform instantly, and added lubrication can be a huge help.  

    Picking the right lube is also important.  For instance, sex with a condom will often require a thicker lubricant in order to avoid feeling sticky or tight during penetration.  It is also important to make sure that the lubricant you choose is safe for the type of condoms you will be using.  That is why we typically recommend a water-based lubricant to maximize the condom's effectiveness.  On the other hand, when you are selecting a lubricant for oral sex, you may prefer something lighter and less tacky to the touch -- possibly even one that is a specially scented or flavored lubricant.  Different lubricants are available for anal sex, as well as sex using adult toys.  Though most personal lubricants are designed to enhance a woman's sexual experience, male lubricant is also available.  These lubes are generally used for masturbation purposes, with and without male sex toys, but they are also terrific for hand-jobs and fellatio.  No matter what type of encounter you are planning to have, chances are a little extra moisture can make it even better!
    personal lubricant for sex

    Where you plan on having sex can also determine whether or not lubricant is needed.  Even women who rarely experience vaginal dryness may find that sexual lubricant is an absolute necessity for sex in a bathtub, jacuzzi, pool, or other body of water.  Purchasing a bathtub love kit that includes lube can take the focus off the need for lubricant and put it back on the fun that you're having with your lover.   

    Of course, there are other measures you can take to be certain that using lubricant will not interrupt your romantic mood.  Make sure to keep your sexual lube in an easily accessible place, like the top drawer of your bedside table or right inside your bathroom vanity.  Getting out of bed to crawl around on the floor, looking underneath your dresser for the bottle of lubricant is a definite mood-killer.  Having a full bottle on hand is also quite helpful, as no one is going to be turned on by the awful squirting noise of a nearly-empty container.  A handy box of tissues to wipe the excess lube off your fingers is another bonus, though spray-on lubricant can circumvent the entire issue.  You never know when or where great sex is going to happen, so it's important to be prepared.

    Taking a practical approach to sexual lubricant is the best way to make use of this great sexual aid without feeling awkward or shy around your partner.  Think of your personal lube as a partner in good sex, and you can't go wrong!


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