Planning the Ultimate Bachelor Party

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    Planning the Ultimate Bachelor Party


    Planning the Ultimate Bachelor Party

    Its time for your best buddy to say goodbye to his rowdy days as a singleton, and as his best man it is your duty to give him a proper send off into married life.  Of course, you want to plan an evening full of fun for him and all his friends, and you want to go all out.  You plan to spare no expense shopping for his bachelor party, making sure that you've attended to every naughty detail.  Unfortunately, you've never thrown a bachelor party before and you have no idea where to start.

    Just remember the three basic principles that apply to every party --  food, atmosphere, and entertainment -- and you can't go wrong!

    Food for a Bachelor Party

    Most guys are easy to feed.  Simple things like hoagies, hot dogs, and hamburgers are filling enough for even the heartiest appetites, as long as they're complimented with bags of chips and salsa, pretzels, and other munchies.  Of course -- these are everyday foods that fail to inspire the humor that should be present at every bachelor party.  That's why you need to accessorize.  

    Make ice cube boobs and other sexy shapes to float in your drinks.  Add naughty toothpicks to your hors d'oeuvres; they're perfect for stabbing cheese cubes, holding sliced hoagies together, and picking up cocktail franks.  You can even embarrass your buddies by making them drink through glow in the dark penis straws!

    The part that will put the icing on the cake?  The cake itself, baked in a boob-shaped cake pan.  Or perhaps your friends will want their own boobs to devour.  If so, bake them up a batch of tit-shaped cupcakes, and dig in!
    boobie cake pan

    paper products

    Bachelor Party Atmosphere

    No, I'm not talking about scented candles and dimmed lights to set the mood for your party.  I'm talking about bachelor party paper products like these entertaining plates, cups, and napkins.  Most of these party sets also include bachelor party hats, but if you want something different, condom caps, pecker head hats, and boobie hats are also available.

    Instead of decorating with streamers and crepe paper, toss some blow up dolls around the room.  Maybe add an inflatable sheep or two!          

    Entertainment for Bachelor Parties

    Of course, the most obvious bachelor party entertainment is the stripper.  However, not all couples are comfortable with this, and though it may surprise you guys to hear it, there are other ways to be entertained at a bachelor party.  For example, relive your youthful birthday party games as an adult with "Pin the Boobs on the Babe."  Your girlfriend will probably be over at the bride-to-be's house pinning the macho on the man, anyway!

    Poker is a great game for bachelors as well, especially if you play with these sexy lady playing cards.  You can even use these cards for an entertaining version of poker:  beer poker.  Just don't let those cards distract you from the game!

    That's right, drinking games can also keep you entertained for hours -- as long as you make sure the groom doesn't end up hungover on his wedding day.  There's a huge selection out there featuring all kinds of popular drinking games, chug dice, and even chug cribbage.  Drink responsibly, don't drive, and have fun!
    beer poker

    Planning a fun bachelor party doesn't have to be a chore.  As long as you keep in mind Food, Atmosphere, and Entertainment, your bachelor party is sure to be a huge success!     

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