Using Sex Toys to Get Out of a Sexual Rut

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    Using Sex Toys to Get Out of a Sexual Rut


    Using Sex Toys to Get Out of a Sexual Rut

    Once a new couple settles in to a comfortable, monogamous relationship, it is very common for their sex lives to become as routine as the rest of their lives.  Each partner quickly figures out where to touch, how hard, and how fast in order to please his or her lover, and passion can be lost as each person begins following a predictable pattern to please the other.  Certain positions are used out of habit, just as certain locations are -- and while the sex is still satisfying, it loses the butterflies and excitement that existed at the start of the relationship.  

    Do you find yourself headed down this monotonous road with your long-time lover?  Are you already there, going through the motions and waiting for things to heat up again?  Wait no more.  Instead, allow me to present you with three hot ways to make things new again!
    lover spa kit

    Location, Location, Location -- Change it up for better sex!

    The bed may be big, and soft, and the default place where you end up doing the deed before drifting off to sleep.  However, unless you live in a one room shoebox with no indoor plumbing, there are many many other great places to get it.  Doesn't everyone love to steam up the shower with a hot, wet lover?  That's the best place to throw in something new, like a waterproof jelly vibrator or a vibrating sponge.  Don't forget the erotic bath salts or glow in the dark bubble bath.  Or, go all out and buy the couple's fun bath pail.  Who says bath toys are for kids?!

    Better yet, present your partner with a romantic meal for two on the kitchen table.  Don a sexy set of edible undies or some flavored whip-cream topping on your most delectable parts, and satisfy all your sexual cravings.  If you're feeling particularly domestic, you can even fix up an array of adult-themed goodies for a post-sex feast.

    Just think of all the spaces in your home that are dying to be part of your love life.  The big comfy couch, the carpet in front of the fireplace, the wall in the hallway.  Go all out and expand your horizons beyond the house as well -- your car, a secluded spot on the beach, a quaint motel.  Get out of that stale, tired bedroom and just do it!

    Slow Down Sex for Increased Heat

    The titillation of making out and hours of foreplay that accompany a courtship often fall by the wayside once penetrative sex has become a part of a couple's routine.  Bring back that excitement by declaring a ban on sex for a weekend, a week, or even a month.  Instead, use your time to re-connect through intimate foreplay.  If you need some help getting started, erotic books, doctor viagra, massage lotions, and sex games can give you the tips and tools to get things going.  In other words, ban sex but find other ways to be close to one another.  Use massage creams and explore your lover's body.  Read romantic stories to each other.  Talk about your fantasies and bond by laughing over silly romantic games.  Once you've gone without sex for a time, you may just find renewed passion when you do decide to go for it again.  

    Try a New Position

    You don't need to become a bedroom acrobat to spice things up in the sack, but you could stand to try out something new.  If you already have a repertoire of moves that you carry out during sex, get some inspiration on new positions to try.  Books like this one recommend numerous sex positions, using helpful illustrations.

    A sex swing can also help you to reach new heights in pleasure with gravity defying moves and some added bounce!  While these are a bit on the expensive side, the dimensions they can add to your sexual relationship are worth the price.  Love swings are comfortable, easy to use, and will make you feel more flexible than ever before.  
    sex swing

    Follow these three tips, and you'll be well on your way to better sex, increased intimacy, and a renewed enjoyment of your lover and all he or she has to offer.  Just say no to a stale sex life!    

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