The Five Best Sex Toys for Couples

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    The Five Best Sex Toys for Couples


    The Five Best Sex Toys for Couples

    Though sexual toys are often thought of as something for women (and less frequently, men) to use in the privacy of their own bedrooms, there are plenty of options for couples who are looking to enhance their sex lives together.  In fact, there are five toys that I would go so far as to say no couple should be without!  Whether you're currently single and stocking up for the future or paired off to the forever love of your life, these five essential adult toys should make their way into your bedroom a.s.a.p. Or if you want to know how to make your own homemade porn and possibly sell it, you can go to this website and get information on how to sell homemade porn.

    #1:  The Sex Toy Vibrator

    Perhaps this is an obvious choice, but vibrators are amazing tools for enhancing sexual relations.  Conveniently, they come in all shapes and sizes, so it isn't hard to find a good fit.   Female vibrators are designed to reach the g-spot, titillate the clitoris, and deliver powerful orgasms -- sometimes all at the same time.  But women don't need to fantasize alone with their vibes.  Not only are these toys great for the female body, but they feel pretty great for men as well.  Anal vibrators can help daring guys to achieve increased sexual pleasure during intercourse, just as clitoral vibes can enhance the sensations of sex for women.  Besides, sex toy vibrators are the most common of adult sexual toys, so even timid romantic partners should be open-minded enough to give them a try!
    sensual vibrator

    #2:  A Silly Sex Game

    They're given out at bachelorette parties and as gag gifts at adult gatherings, but sex games are really a lot of fun.  Not only are they an excellent ice breaker for new partners, but they're also a great way to explore fantasies within a monogamous relationship.  Small things like love dice can also help to heat up a romantic moment and add creativity to your foreplay.  Whether you decide to try a sex board game or a romantic card game, you will be adding humor and closeness to your relationship.  

    leopard love mask

    #3:  Light Bondage Toys

    Though hardcore BD/SM sex toys certainly aren't for everyone, light bondage toys like fuzzy wrist cuffs and silky love rope can be just enough to heat things up in a long-term relationship.  Partners can experienced heightened sensations through the use of gentle bondage equipment, soft masks, and feather sex toys, all of which are stimulating without being threatening.  Maybe you and your partner will decide to dig deeper into the world of consensual bondage, or maybe you'll decide to stick to the basics.  Either way, you'll enjoy a stronger connection with experimental bondage.      

    #4:  Cock Rings for Him

    Cock rings are typically used to help men achieve firmer, longer-lasting erections.  They fit securely around the penis, holding in the blood and preventing orgasm so that couples can enjoy extended foreplay and passionate love-making.  Using a cock ring is easy and effective for men with erectile dysfunction, but ED isn't the only reason to use a penis ring.  Every man can benefit from the increased sensitivity and sexual stamina, and their partners will surely agree.

    #5:  Anal Sex Toys

    Toys like anal love beads, probes, and butt plugs are highly taboo, but they are also incredibly erotic for couples who trust each other intimately.  Both male and female bodies are capable of enjoying anal stimulation, though men are especially aroused by these sensations.  Butt toys are also a great way to prepare for ass play using the penis, though sexual lubricant is highly recommended.  

    Add these five essential sex toys to your adult toy collection, and you and your lover will be set for a lifetime of lovemaking!                

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