De-Stigmatizing Male Sex Toys

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    De-Stigmatizing Male Sex Toys


    De-Stigmatizing Male Sex Toys

    Sex toys have long been seen as something purchased for women by both men and the women themselves, leaving adult movies and xxx magazines as the only acceptable romantic aids for men.  While female characters on television and in movies openly discuss their favorite vibrators and dildos, males would never dream of owning up to their penis pumps, pocket pussies, and other masturbation toys.  Women attend passion parties and giggles with their girlfriends -- guys would never entertain such a thought!

    The bottom line is that male adult toys are highly stigmatized in our culture.  However, the wide variety of sex toys for men make the stigma worth overcoming.  Take a look at what's out there and then consider:  Why should girls have all the fun?

    Pocket Pal

    Vaginas and Pocket Pals

    Both women and men are perfectly capable of masturbating manually, but sex toys are a fun and "handy" alternative for both sexes.  Options for men include basic pocket pals, vaginas, asses, and male pocket pals.  The basic pocket pal is like a sleeve for your penis.  It slides over your shaft creating a snug fit, and increasing sensation while you masturbate.  Pocket pals come in many shapes and textures.  

    Pocket pussies and pocket asses are more realistic than traditional pocket pals.  They often come in cyberskin and other lifelife materials, in addition to being modeled after the real human form.  Similarly, oral pocket pals simulate oral sex by including the shape of a mouth and delicate lips.  Many pocket pals include vibrating action to increase your satisfaction.

    Pumps, Enlargers, and Cock Rings

    If you want to get something out of your playtime -- namely increased penis size and sexual stamina -- penis pumps are a great way to enjoy pleasure and results.  Enlarging pumps come in a variety of styles, all of which help to promote blood flow to the penis and create longer-lasting erections and stronger orgasms.  Additionally, pumping generates pleasant sucking sensations and is rewarding on its own.

    For similar results during partnered sex, you may want to try one of our many styles of cock ring.  Rings are flexible bands that encircle the base of the penis and are used to maintain firm erections.  Though they are certainly helpful for men suffering from erectile dysfunction, they are also favored by men who want to prolong their sexual encounters and give their partners time to enjoy more satisfying love-making.  

    Sex Dolls for Men

    Don't let the cheap inflatable party pets you've seen at bachelor parties fool you one bit.  When it comes to sex dolls, the world has more to offer than blow up sheep and party pigs.  In fact, there's an entire selection of lifelike love dolls that include realistic features, soft hair, and are even modeled after celebrities.  They are guaranteed more flexible than your girlfriend, and the advanced vibrating technology means they couldn't be more realistic unless they had a heartbeat!   Besides, these dolls serve multiple purposes -- you can use them in the bedroom and in the HOV lane.    
    Erotic Love Piggie

    Still Sex Toy Shy?

    If you're still not ready to come out to the guys, you can do your sex toy shopping discreetly online.  The other guys may never know what they're missing!

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