Orgasms with Sex Toys

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    Orgasms with Sex Toys



    So You've Never Had An Orgasm

    Sex Toys May Be the Answer

    You've had romantic relationships.  You've had sex.  Many times, even.  But that earth-shattering, mind-blowing finale that's supposed to make the whole experience worthwhile?  Not so much.

    Sound familiar?  It's not uncommon for a woman to go through the motions of sex for months or years (and with multiple partners) before ever enjoying the big payoff:  orgasm.  Before you resign yourself to a lifetime of unfulfilling sex -- or start chanting the popular, "I like sex.  I don't need an orgasm for it to feel good" mantra -- invest in a few adult toys and set aside some quality time with yourself and eventually, your partner.  
    Ravenous Rabbit

    Getting to Know Your Sexual Preferences

    You can't teach your lover to please you if you're unsure of how to please yourself.  Even if your partner manages to give you an orgasm, you'll get far more pleasure out of it if you can recognize the signs that it's coming and prepare yourself to enjoy every second of it.  The last thing you want is to be left wondering, "What just happened?"

    That's why I recommend investing in an awesome solo sex toy like a rabbit vibrator.  Of course, experimenting manually is an excellent start, giving you the opportunity to get to know the intimate parts of your body with nothing other than your fingertips.  Unfortunately, if you're hoping to have an orgasm from penetrative sex, you'll need to do better than that.  A good vibrator or realistic dildo can help you to determine the most satisfying angles and sexual positions for pleasurable penetration.  

    Practice, practice, practice!  Once you've mastered the art of orgasm all on your own, you'll be able to direct future partners to all your favorite places.

    Boosting Your Lover's Performance

    Hours and hours of solo sex practice may not be quite enough to achieve the orgasm you want once another person becomes part of the equation.  Maybe you've found some terrific pleasure spots on your own, and you're having difficulty getting your partner to find his way there.  It's okay to admit that he needs a little assistance -- a good lover is eager to please and will welcome your suggestions, as long as you offer them in a helpful, uncritical manner.  

    Sweetheart Vibe First, figure out what he's missing.  If your solo journeys led you to the land of the g-spot, and you're eager to repeat the experience with your lover, a penis extension may be your new best friend.  Designed with the exact curve needed to reach your g-spot, these toys can help you enjoy penetration with a partner more than you ever have before.

    Perhaps you require constant (or at least consistent) clitoral stimulation in order to produce an orgasm.  You're not alone!  You and your lover might both feel more satisfied once you invest in a targeted vibe for your clit.  There are several small, hands-free vibrators that a woman can wear while still enjoying vaginal penetration.  You may even discover that simultaneous orgasms aren't as elusive (nor as overrated) as you've heard!

    With open lines of communication and the right accessories, the ultimate in sexual satisfaction is yours for the taking!  


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