Fun with Condoms

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    Fun with Condoms


    Fun with Condoms  

    Trojan Ultra Thin If you're in the market for some action, but not interested in acquiring either a sexually transmitted infection or a baby, condoms are the best thing you have going for you.  By now, most single men and women have accepted the idea that condoms are a sort of necessary evil.  Like that bi-yearly trip to the dentist, it can be anything from a simple inconvenience to a painful experience, but you'll do it if you value your health.  Does this sum up your feelings about condoms?  

    Get ready to change your perspective.  This article will give you some tips and tricks to help you turn safe sex into a fun part of your romantic routine.  By the time you're through, you may even begin to think of condoms as sex toys with a healthy twist!

    Find the Right Fit

    One of the most important things you can do to make sheathed sex more satisfying is to ensure that the condom you're wearing fits properly.  Most products are designed to fit the average penis, but if you happen to be gifted with a larger member, it's worth investing in a bigger raincoat for your not-so-little buddy.  A condom that is too small will be difficult to put on, making a frequently awkward moment even more uncomfortable.  If you can, experiment with a few different brands and sizes to find one that fits more loosely.  This will allow the condom to move up and down over your penis as you thrust, giving you sensations that are as close to skin-on-skin contact as possible.

    Enhance Your Pleasure with Specialty Condoms

    In addition to finding the right fit, you can also use specially designed condoms to make your encounter more fulfilling and more fun.  For example, a flavored condom can put a delightfully delicious twist on oral sex.  Surprise your lover by slipping on a taste of something you know she enjoys, like banana or cola.  Her pleasure is sure to translate into your pleasure when she realizes that each luscious lick reminds her of a sweet treat.  

    Glow-in-the-dark condoms also offer a fun alternative to traditional products.  Turn your penis into a beacon of light, guiding your lover right to your favorite pleasure zone even on the darkest night.  Use your imagination -- hide in a dark room and wait for your partner to find you, or snuggle under the covers with nothing but your glow worm to direct her to your erogenous zone.  These types of condoms may be wildly inappropriate if you're planning a serious and romantic evening, but they make a great ice-breaker for new lovers and put a humorous spin on sex between light-hearted partners.

    Another type of condom designed with fun in mind is the french tickler.  With tiny, flexible pieces of latex surrounding the head of the condom, ticklers provide added stimulation for your lover.  Unfortunately, these are considered novelty items only, and are not as effective in preventing STDs as traditional condoms.  

    Add-Ons that Make Condoms Fun

    If specialty condoms don't tickle your fancy, you can always seek out additional enhancements to make your experience with safe sex a more satisfying one.  Water-based lubricants can be exceptionally effective, even when using lubricated condoms.  Because you're dealing with skin rubbing on latex instead of more skin, it's important to use a generous amount of lube.  There's nothing more uncomfortable than sex with a dry condom!  You can even experiment with fun and funky types of lubricant to personalize your experience.  Choose from a wide array of flavors (great for oral sex), or indulge in anal lubricant for your personal comfort during rear-entry encounters.

    Cock rings and clitoral stimulators can also be used with condoms.  Both of these types of toys can help to enhance the erotic sensations that are weakened when your penis goes undercover.  You can find great products that slip down easily over the sheathed penis, maintaining your erection and offering added stimulation for your lover.  Vibrating models, as well as rings with attached beads, ticklers, and even tassels are a great way to take the attention off the condom and focus it on all the sensual treats your toys have to offer.
    Cock Rick with Tassels

    The bottom line is that you can make safe sex, fun sex.  With the right attitude, and the right toys, you may even find that condoms can be pleasureable!  

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