Sex Toys for Beginners

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    Sex Toys for Beginners


    Sex Toys for Beginners

    Mini Mite Maybe you're sexually inexperienced and looking for a way to get to know yourself better.  Maybe you've been in a relationship for years and need a way to bring back some of the fun and excitement you felt when you were first dating.  Maybe you've just been too shy to think about venturing into an adult store -- the selection can be kind of intimidating if you don't know what you'd like to buy.  No matter what your situation, you've come to the right place.  The Internet is a great source for sexy playthings.  Where else can you can enjoy browsing through a massive selection of toys in the privacy of your own home?

    Of course, having an enormous collection at your fingertips won't do you any good if you have no idea where to begin!  Rest assured that by the time you finish reading this article, you'll be armed with information and ready to get down to business with some serious shopping.

    Toys for Solo Sex Fun

    If you're totally new to both sex and sex toys, chances are you would do best to shop for yourself before looking into couples' playthings.  After all, once you have the opportunity to get acquainted with your own body, preferences, and intimate pleasures, you can share your newfound carnal knowledge with your lover.  

    For women, the most commonly chosen starter toy is a basic vibrator.  These come in a variety of fun colors, as well as different textures so that you can feel out what suits you best.  Explore your body with a traditional, rigid vibe or a softer toy that imitates the penis as closely as possible.  Nearly every vibrator comes equipped with multiple speed controls so that you can experience a variety of sensations.  Most importantly, they are sized for your comfort.  You won't be able to enjoy your experiments if you're overwhelmed by the size of your vibe, nor if you're completely unimpressed!  All of the features that go into the makeup of a standard vibrator will help you to discover what works for you and your body

    Men, don't feel left out.  There are some terrific solo sex toys on the market for you, too.  Masturbation toys come in the shape of mouths, vaginas, and anuses so that you can get a feel for all kinds of sexual experiences in the privacy of your own bedroom.  Practicing on these toys is not only satisfying for you, it's also a great way to increase your sexual stamina and improve your performance for the benefit of your partner.  

    Couples' Toys:  Double Your Pleasure

    If you've long since grown accustomed to your own kinky preferences, now would be a great time to introduce a quality sex toy into your relationship.  It can't hurt -- in fact, it can only serve to enhance the intimacy between you and your lover and give you both more intense pleasure in bed.  

    Set aside an evening (or a whole weekend) to explore new fantasies with your partner.  An erotic game like Exploring Ultimate Fantasies can help the two of you discuss, in great detail, the types of scenarios that turn you on.  You'll even get a chance to practice on each other with an elaborate tool kit.

    If you just don't want to play games, you can always experiment with a collection of his and hers sex toys. This convenient, one-stop shopping will give you access to an intimate massager, an arousing cock ring, and a set of anal beads that both men and women will enjoy.  On the other hand, since you've been sexually active for awhile, you may have a better idea of exactly what your fantasies are.  If that's the case, why not investigate a kit that can get you started in a relaxed, fun way?  Learn how to give a sensuous massage to delight your lover or explore a fetish like bondage and discipline.  There's a toy for every fantasy. Lover's Kit

    Time to Clean Up!

    After you've had your fun with your new toys, it's important for you to clean up after yourself.  There are a variety of sex toy cleaners on the market that will help keep your collection as happy as it keeps you!  It only takes a few moments to keep your favorite things in good condition, keeping you and your lover in good health as well.  

    You may also want to invest in a set of personal wipes so that you can clean yourself up after sex or after playing with your adult toys.  Scented and convenient for travel, unexpected flings, and everyday use, you'll want to have a box of these wipes next to your bed to avoid those uncomfortable and disruptive runs to the bathroom.  Wouldn't you rather be snuggling up to your lover instead?

    Now that you've had your fun and cleaned up yourself and your toys, you'll be all set to play again tomorrow!  Best of all, you'll have the experience necessary to shop for even more fun and exciting things to add to your collection.  

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