Latex is for Lovers: Taking Fetish Fashion to the Extreme

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    Latex is for Lovers: Taking Fetish Fashion to the Extreme


    Latex is for Lovers:  Taking Fetish Fashion to the Extreme

    In the new movie, Underworld: Evolutions, the stunning Kate Beckinsale is outfitted in a full latex bodysuit any time she isn't stark naked.  Not only does the skin-tight suit compliment her figure, it also gives her an air of extreme sexuality quite fitting of the vampire she portrays.  If this film doesn't inspire you to give latex a try, hopefully this article will!  

    Latex Isabella Bear in mind, you don't have to jump right in with both feet.  You can start small, with latex accessories, and venture into the realm of lingerie and club wear as you grow more comfortable in this new second skin.  It won't take you long to discover why so many men and women have developed actual latex fetishes, finding an intense sense of arousal in the material itself, its wearers, and even its scent.  Will you and your lover become latex enthusiasts after just one night of experimentation?  I can't make any promises, but I do think you'll find the experience quite satisfying if you're brave enough to give it a try!

    Before you get started (and possibly frustrated), make sure you do some reading about How to Wear and Care for Your Latex Clothing.  These pointers will help you get into latex while avoiding any potentially "sticky" situations!

    Now, let's get on with the fun!

    Accessorize with Latex

    Whether latex has always been a staple of your wardrobe or you're just getting started, it never hurts to have some tried-and-true accessories in your collection.  If you're going out for the evening and want to add some sex appeal to a basic outfit, latex gloves or gauntlets look great with strappy (or strapless) shirts.  Latex stockings pair well with short or medium length skirts, keeping your legs warm (a big plus in the winter) without compromising the sexy look of your long, lanky assets.  Since wearing latex can be a little daunting at the outset, requiring sometimes serious maneuvering to slip it on, starting small is the perfect way to begin.  You needn't worry about being seen as a newbie or a coward, either.  The bold, confident appearance conveyed by latex is simply irresistible, so rest assured that even taken in small doses, it can go a long way toward showing off your vivacious vixen side.

    Latex Lingerie -- A Second-Skin for Staying In    

    Maybe you've decided to try out latex, but you aren't yet ready to make your new fetish known to the public.  Maybe you're concerned that latex isn't going to look as flattering on you as it does in the movies.  Or maybe you already love latex club wear and want to incorporate more of the sexy material into your bedroom wardrobe.  No matter how new or experienced you are, adding some latex lingerie to your collection is a terrific way to experiment with smooth sensations, clothing bondage, and near-nudity.  You can start by dressing up for yourself, getting comfortable in your new, erotic skin and discovering how the fabric looks and feels on your own body.  Then when you're ready, put on a private fashion show for your lover.  He or she will certainly delight in being an attentive and encouraging member of your audience.

    A latex bra and pair of panties are perfect for introducing yourself and your partner to your new fashion trend.  These are comfortable enough to be worn under your clothes so that you can get a feel for latex luxury all day long.  Wear them to the office to make your work day more interesting, or save them for a special date that's bound to end in an intimate encounter.  At the end of the day, you can surprise your partner with your little secret and see what kind of surprises he has in store for you. Latex Cat's Eye Panties

    Of course, latex lingerie isn't made for women alone.  Us girls may have more options to choose from, which is an unfortunate but common fashion problem no matter what sort of trend you're eying.  Latex or lace, jeans or jammies, skirts and slacks, our wardrobe choices are simply more diverse.  But don't despair, guys!  Men can get in on the action with bold, baring-all undies or sheaths for their favorite swords.  These skin-tight choices give them the same sexy appeal as their female counterparts, and are about as easy to wear.  

    Bondage Clothes -- Latex for Going Out

    Often viewed as an aspect of bondage and seen as visually arousing for the same reason, entire latex ensembles are popular in clubs and as costumes.  Once again, ladies have a wide array of options from which to choose.  Dresses, brightly colored mini-skirts, crop tops, and hot pants are just a few of the possibilities that will enable you to wear your latex more publicly.  Men can make a bold statement with chest baring vests or wrap their packages in second-skin Bermuda shorts.    Though you'll need to know more about latex wear and care in order to thoroughly enjoy these garments, none of them are complicated enough to prevent you from becoming a latex lover overnight.  All it takes is a little bit of old fashioned, adventurous spirit!

    Create Your Own Latex Fashions

    It wasn't easy, but in writing this article, I've managed to save the best for last.  

    In order to satisfy a growing number of inventive and unique latex enthusiasts, manufacturers have come out with Liquid Latex.  Using this flour-like substance, you can paint your body into just about any style of clothing you can imagine.  You have more color choices than ever, including yellow, purple, magenta, red, and blue, so you can use your own creativity to design an outfit that will flatter you from head to toe.  Coordinate with your favorite pair of sexy shoes, or work with your partner to develop matching pieces of lingerie.  Make a one-time wear outfit for a special occasion, or coat other pieces of clothing in Liquid Latex to create lasting results.  Once it dries (a rather quick process), you can feel confident wearing your new clothes out for hours at a time.  

    Now's your chance, guys!  Without the limits imposed by traditional latex clothing designers, you ingenious men can come up with your very own style and start loving the feel of latex as much as us girls do!  I'm certain you'll be coming back for more.

    Liquid Latex  

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