Love Potions that Work Like Magic

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    Love Potions that Work Like Magic


    Love Potions that Work Like Magic

    Cupid's arrows are flying and love is in the air.  That can mean only one thing:  Valentine's Day is fast approaching!  There's no better time of year to put a sexy love potion to work.  Whether you're just starting a new relationship or looking to spice things up with a long-term love, an erotic lotion, oil, or other enhancing toy may be just the thing you need.  

    Magic Potions

    Do you feel as though your body is to blame for something that is lacking in your sex life?  Perhaps one of our specially formulated creams or herbs can help ease your insecurities.  Everyone deserves to feel good about themselves, their bodies, and their sexual performance, but sometimes we all need a little assistance in the self-esteem department!    

    Delay Gel For men:  delay and hardening creams and sprays can help keep your equipment in top form so that you can give your lover the long, satisfying sexual encounter she craves.  Delay creams work by temporarily numbing some of the nerve endings in your penis.  Since you won't be feeling such intense stimulation, you will be able to enjoy longer and ultimately more arousing love-making.  These creams and sprays are especially effective if you're particularly excited about an upcoming sexual experience, experimenting with a new lover for the first time, or simply concerned about living up to a partner's high expectations.  Similarly, hardening creams work to improve your erection for deeper penetration, significantly more arousing sensations, and an overall more satisfying roll in the hay.  These products will leave your lover breathless and you feeling like the super stud of her dreams.  

    Though delay and hardening formulas can offer temporary cures for your romantic ills, you may also want to consider herbal supplements for significant and permanent improvement.  Sometimes working in conjunction with an exercise program, sometimes working on the science of herbal medicine alone, these products can improve your sexual stamina, increase the size of your erection, and even help you to perform longer.  What have you got to lose -- other than your insecurities?  

    For women:  Sometimes us girls need a little assistance, too.  If you feel as though your most intimate parts aren't as tight as you want them to be, our vaginal shrink formulas might be just the thing to make you feel better until you can do enough kegel exercises to make a difference.  These creams have been created to give both you and your partner all the sensations you would expect from a tighter vagina.  In fact, they may even make you feel like a virgin all over again!  

    Ladies also have the option of turning to herbs for increased sexual desire.  Some come in gel form, to be applied directly to the clitoris.  These give you a heightened sense of arousal and an overall improved libido.  Keep up with an exceptionally sexual partner or simply enjoy stronger orgasms, enhanced stimulation, and the fun of a having a higher than average sex drive.  Whether you initially do it for yourself or for your lover, you're bound to be happy with the results!

    Mesmerizing Massage Lotions

    If you really want to impress your lover, a sensual massage will do the trick!  Is there anyone -- male or female -- who doesn't love having their body caressed, their stress relieved, and their entire being devoted to relaxation and intimacy?  Using your own gentle touch, your knowledge of your partner's likes and dislikes, and some erotic oils, you can give him or her a deliciously arousing experience.  

    Start at the top of the body and work your way down.  Run your fingers through your lover's hair, using your nails to scratch his head as you go.  This creates a delightful tingling sensation and will make it hard for him to focus on anything but your hands.  Then continue working down the neck and back, experimenting with hard and soft touches.  You can make this more comfortable for both of you by introducing some non-greasy, scented massage oil.  The scents have all been specially prepared for their aphrodisiac qualities as well as their ability to relax the senses and free the mind.  Once you've worked your hands all the way down your partner's back, don't forget about his rear, legs, and feet.  If you're concerned that your hands will grow tired before your lover has had time to enjoy himself, look for a massage glove  or massage toy to lessen the work your fingers must do, or try out an edible flavored lotion so that you can get your tongue involved when your hands are weary.  You don't have to be a trained artist to give a fantastic massage -- you just need the right tools and motivation!
    Octopus Massager

    Practical Potions and Lubricants

    Let's face it:  sometimes the romance part takes care of itself, but you still need a little assistance getting everything to fall into place.  That's when personal lubricants for him and her can come in handy.  Though you can often find different brands of lube in pharmacies and grocery stores, my experience has taught me that buying from a quality selection of sexual merchandise is likely to have much better results.  Store-bought lubricants often seem medicinal in nature, sticky, and overall unpleasant; certainly not characteristics that will ignite a romantic fire in your hearts.  

    Shopping at a specialty store, however, gives you a whole range of options designed to make sex more fun for both of you.  You can find a lubricant designed for exactly the type of encounter you're planning to have.  Experimenting with anal?  Specially formulated anal lube will help to reduce the painful sensations that sometimes come from being penetrated in the rear, allowing both partners to get the most pleasure out of their adventure.  Oral sex lotions add flavor as well as lubrication, giving your lover a special treat as she performs for you.  You can also purchase lubricant specifically created for manual sex (otherwise known as a hand job), making masturbation more satisfying or enhancing foreplay with your lover.  Whatever your pleasure, the right sexual lubricant can help get things moving along smoothly!

    Just a reminder from your Fairy Godmother . . .

    These potions and lotions may seem magical, but all you really need to create sparks is a loving and honest relationship with your partner.  If you start with great communication, a sense of adventure, and an open mind, you'll find that all of these special formulas will take you to new sexual heights.  Remember, the magic of romance is no mystery!      

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