Dildos for Everyone: Finding Your Perfect Match

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    Dildos for Everyone: Finding Your Perfect Match


    Dildos for Everyone:  Finding Your Perfect Match

    Selecting your first dildo (or even your second or third) can be a rather intimidating task.  There are so many different styles to choose from, and it can be hard to tell exactly what you're buying when all you have to go by is a photograph.
    The first thing you need to consider is for whom you're buying a dildo.  I realize it's unlikely that you're shopping on behalf of a friend, of course, but if you're anything like me, you may want to bring your partner in on the action.  Whether he's expressed interest in the idea himself or you simply want to spice things up by including him in the sort of sex play that turns you on, there's no law that says dildos should be hidden away and taken out only when you are completely alone.
    Once you've decided whether or not your dildo is going to be a private matter or an object for couples' play, you need to think about what pleases you sexually.  Do you crave deep penetration?  Have your most powerful orgasms come from a man with a thicker than average penis?  Are you looking for an anal delight?  Does your mind automatically picture a celebrity stud when you begin to fantasize?  Now that you've answered these questions and evaluated your own sensual preferences, you'll have an easier time deciding on a dildo.
    Realistic Dildo

    Solo Sex Toy Fun for the Single Girl

    So you're in the market for a personal playmate.  Smart choice!  Every girl should have at least one special sex toy that she can turn to for stress relief and sexual gratification, whether she's single or romantically involved.  Now you just need to decide what will give you the most pleasure.

    If you don't have the time or inclination to deal with real live men and all their little quirks, but you still want to enjoy the look and feel of a real live penis, you have a load of options.  You can select your preferred skin tone, from a range of Caucasian, black, and mixed race dildos.  Not only that, but you can finally confess that size does matter!  Indulge yourself with a king sized replica or take it easy with something small but satisfying; the choice is all yours.  Realistic performing action is also a possibility -- some dongs will actually cum when you do to give the ultra sensitive girl an even more powerful and lifelike sensation.  For some people, accuracy is more important than fantasy, and these dildos will easily help pass the time when you're between partners or simply spending an evening away from your lover.  

    For other people, sexual daydreams are all about mixing reality and fantasy.  That's when a celebrity skin dildo can become your best friend.  Designed in the image of your favorite porn stars, you'll have the opportunity to discover for yourself just how little their female co-stars were faking.  Get a feel for Ron Jeremy, Sean Michaels, or Adam Hart.  Discover John Holmes' secret and experience Jeff Stryker's amazing curve.  Have fun acting out your favorite scenes or write your own sexy movie starring yourself and your new toy.  

    Though there are many benefits that go along with solo sex and dildos, I'm sure you've still got at least one concern.  I know the one thing that's really important to me in a romantic encounter is variety -- does any girl really want to spend her entire sexual life in the missionary position?  Even though I doubt the answer is yes, that seems to be the only position that comes to mind when a woman thinks about using a dildo.  Fortunately, you have about as many creative options with a toy as you do with a living lover.  Suction dongs can be fastened onto many different surfaces, including walls, floors, and tables, so that you can enjoy the sensations of being on top, penetrated from the rear, lying on your side, and even standing up.  Inflatable balls with attachable dildos also allow you to experience a full range of riding motion so that you never have to miss out on the variety of positioning fun that goes along with partnered sex.  

    Once you've seen for yourself how satisfying a dildo can be, you'll be eager to experiment with your lover as well.

    Dildos and Dongs for Couples

    Dildos may have been designed with women in mind, but that doesn't mean we can't share!  There's no reason in the world why you should put your favorite toy away when your man is in town.  Though he may be intimidated at first (you might not want to pull out your bold, black Bam without warning him), once he sees you in action, he'll be eager to join in on the fun.

    Make sure your lover doesn't feel as though he's been replaced by your toys.  Use a cock sleeve to turn his already amazing penis into a textured work of erotic art and make him an essential part of your routine.  Choose intense beads, manly ripples, sensual studs, and other arousing patterns that are sure to please both of you from the inside out.  You can even find penis extensions that will increase his length so that the two of you can experience deeper, more satisfying penetration.  Also available in different textures and materials that will make you melt, these toys are designed with his comfort in mind.  
    Pink Strap-On Harness

    If your man is feeling really adventurous, ask him to switch roles with you for just one night.  A sexy strap-on will allow him to be on the receiving end of some seriously intense dildo action.  Harnesses come in so many styles and sizes that you can easily find one to suit your body type -- you can even attach your own favorite toy or purchase a selection to keep your lover constantly guessing about what he may get to feel next.  Better yet, some strap ons have been specially designed to ensure that neither one of you has to go even a moment without the erotic stimulation you crave.

    For an even wilder ride, buy just one amazing dildo that can be shared with your lover.  Double headers are popular for female partners, but they can also be used simultaneously by men and women.  Like other dildos, they come in a variety of shapes and sizes, but all of them are incredibly flexible and designed with the two of you in mind.  Though it may take some practice to get the hang of using an adult toy like this, you'll both be fascinated by the powerful sensations you can achieve.  

    Don't banish your dildos to the back of a drawer when your lover comes over to play.  Just make sure your collection includes a little something that you can share.

    Try Out Something Completely Different

    Pyrex Dildo Rubber, silicone, and phallic veggies aren't the only materials that can be used to make a dildo.  You may be surprised to learn that some of the most sensual toys on the market are actually made from glass.  Though fragile, these dildos are also practical; they can be warmed to a comfortable temperature and easily cleaned in a dishwasher.  They are also incredibly beautiful.  Each one stands alone as a piece of art as well as a tool of erotic pleasure.  You won't want to hide these toys away in your night stand; you'll want them on display for everyone to envy and admire.

    Though not nearly as beautiful, CyberSkin is another technologically advanced material that has changed the feel of our sex toys.  In fact, it feels remarkably like human flesh.  Close your eyes and you won't be able to tell the difference between one of these lifelike dildos and a real man!  You love the internet, cell phones, and other modern advances, so why not give CyberSkin a chance as well?

    . . . And Something Even More Unique

    Maybe I just like the idea of being different, but this is one of my all-time favorite dildo-related products.  If you're looking to own a dildo like no other, you should really just grab your favorite penis and make your own.  Really!  If you're lucky enough to have a man whose member sends shivers up your spine, you can follow the simple instructions that come with this dildo molding kit to create an exact replica of the cock you know and love.  You can bet no one else in the world will have a toy quite like yours, and both of you will get a kick out of making and playing with your incredible creation.  Forget knitting and scrap booking -- you'll have much more fun doing this craft!

    As always, let me remind you that we have a good reason for calling all these wonderful things toys -- they're supposed to be fun!  Whether you make your own, strap one on, or go for a classic look and feel, the most important part of using a dildo is personal pleasure.  Enjoy yourself!

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