Sexier Shoes, Sexier You!

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    Sexier Shoes, Sexier You!


    Sexier Shoes, Sexier You!

    The clothes may make the man, but the shoes make the woman.  This is especially true in the bedroom, where the right pair of shoes can be all you need to turn an ordinary roll in the hay into a mind-blowing sexual encounter.  When you want to be noticed as a woman in control of her body, her sexuality, and her life, a killer pair of shoes will set you apart from the crowd.  You'll feel more confident knowing that you look amazing and powerful, and that confidence will show through in every move you make.
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    Classic Shoes for All Occasions

    Every girl should own a pair of basic stiletto pumps.  They're perfect for wearing to the office -- or dressing up at home to play "secretary" to your lover's "CEO."  It may take awhile before you're comfortable walking in five or six inch heels, but once you gain your confidence, men and women alike will be impressed by your sexy strut and overall attitude.  

    When it comes to fantasy fashion, stylish stilettos are the perfect compliment to just about every outfit.  Since they come in so many colors, it's not hard to find a match for your favorite teddy or garter set.  They also make the perfect addition to many role-playing costumes.  When you're playing dress-up, going barefoot just isn't an option.    

    If you don't want to waste your money on a pair of shoes that will only come out at night, a basic pair of pumps are the perfect sexy shoes for you.  You'll love wearing them to work, parties, and out to dinner, and most importantly, you'll love how they make you feel in the bedroom.  

    Platforms for Height and Heightened Arousal

    Give yourself a lift with a sexy pair of platform heels.  Not only will your legs look instantly slimmer and sexier, but you can choose a heel size that will boost you up so much that you'll be able to kiss your lover for as long as you want -- without hurting your neck.  After spending four years with a man more than a foot taller than myself, I know just how important those added inches are!  

    Despite their daunting appearance, platforms are also some of the most comfortable fetish shoes out there.  Because of the 2+ inches added to the bottom of the shoe, the high heel doesn't feel as awkward as it can in a pair of basic pumps.  With less pressure being put on your toes and ankles, you'll enjoy your night on the dance floor without having to slip out of the shoes that make your little latex mini look so incredible.  Comfortable and pleasing to the eyes, it's no wonder platforms are so popular with exotic dancers.

    Sexy Strappy Sandals

    A little bit of mystery and a lot of fantasy, strappy sandals with lace-up legs will make you feel like a mystical fairy.  Role play your favorite summertime sex scene no matter how cold it is outside, or simply turn your feet into beautiful fashion accessories with shoes that give your perfect pedicure the attention you desire!

    Unlike some of our basic pumps and stilettos, delicate sandals go well with even the most feminine pieces of lingerie.  Baby-doll nighties, feminine fringe, and flowery lace, beware!  Sexy sandals will turn up the heat on any ultra-girly set.  Show off your innocence (even if it's just pretend) with a pair of demure shoes.  

    Butt-Kicking Boots

    "These boots are made for walking . . . " into the bedroom for a steamy night of sweaty, passionate sex.  There's just something about a pair of thigh-high boots that make any woman look exceptionally sexual.  Maybe it's because she looks so confident in her bold fashion statement.  Maybe it's the way they hug the leg and draw attention to her upper thigh.  Maybe it's because she looks powerful and domineering but still wildly feminine.  No matter what the reason, once you slip on a pair of these sexy boots you'll see for yourself just how incredible they are.

    Of course, thigh-high isn't the only way to go.  Knee high boots can also be erotic in their own right.  They show more leg, leaving less to the imagination, but that's not necessarily a bad thing.  Lace-up styles look feminine and flirty without being over the top, and basic pull-ons are traditional and flattering with longer skirts.         

    The shoe of choice for many mistresses and other sexually powerful women, these boots are bound to make you feel instantly tougher, hotter, and more desirable.  

    You Can Do Better Than Barefoot

    When it comes to fetish footwear, the only thing you really need to remember is that just about any shoe is better than no shoe at all.  Whether you're looking to compliment a certain sexy outfit or simply flatter your figure with the right pair of heels, every girl should have some sexy shoes in her closet.   Choose a pair that makes you feel good all over.  The confidence they inspire will show in everything else that you do, and there's nothing more beautiful than confidence in the bedroom.  

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