Guys and Dolls: Fall For An Amazing Love Doll Tonight!

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    Guys and Dolls: Fall For An Amazing Love Doll Tonight!


    Guys and Dolls:  Fall For An Amazing Love Doll Tonight!   

    When you think of sex dolls, what comes to mind?  If your first thoughts are of bachelor party gags and gifts for lonely single friends, you're not alone.  However, with the use of incredible new and improved technology, love dolls are no longer the sole property of the lovelorn.  Even couples can enhance their fantasy role-play by incorporating a sexy doll into their normal routine.

    With a doll for every fetish and sexual preference, there's sure to be one or two that will light your fire!

    Make Love to a Porn Star

    Jenna's Extreme Doll You've seen their movies and drooled over their spreads in Playboy.  Visualizing their naked bodies and imagining what you would do with them if you could has been a part of your fantasy life for years.  Now, you can act out your dreams with a realistic model of your favorite porn star.  Jenna Jameson is ready and waiting to blow you away with her perfectly soft, gently vibrating mouth.  If she's not your type and you are just not up to paying for a local escort, we have a roomful of other beautiful playmates for you to admire.  Give Jill Kelly or charming Chasey Lain a try.  Take Nina Hartley for a test drive.  You won't be disappointed in the look and feel of these high-tech adult toys, and since they've each been designed in the sensuous image of their living, breathing counterparts, you'll always know that what you're experiencing is the closest you can get to the real thing -- without cheating on your wife or girlfriend!

    Fetish Dolls For Every Fantasy

    It's normal to be shy about expressing your sexual fantasies to a real-life lover, and that's one reason why love dolls are an amazing invention!  With a doll for every fetish, you never have to worry about being rejected or ridiculed for wanting to experiment with something a little less traditional!  Would you like a partner who comes prepared to practice bondage and discipline?  What about the mature Mrs. Robinson of your dreams?  We even have several big, beautiful girls for the taking.

    Do visions of arousing Asian women dance in your head?  You don't need to move to Japan to be wooed and wowed by a geisha.  Our selection of ethnic dolls includes a greek goddess, a stunning ebony seductress, and an italian princess.  Don't waste your precious vacation time on an island cruise when you can "lay" a hot island babe every night in the comfort of your own bed.            

    If you prefer a professional woman, don't fret.  Play doctor with Naomi, the nurse who is always waiting at your bedside to perk you up, or go for a roll in the hay with your very own Milk Maid.  Would you rather have a different kind of maid?  This sexy lady is ready to clean out your drawers!  Experiment with erotic role-play in the safety and comfort of your own home.

    Techno-Dolls:  Real and Ready for You  

    I know sometimes you just want to enjoy all the sensations of sex, with no emotional strings attached.  Love dolls like Pussy Galore have water-filled breasts and vaginas, to make them feel incredibly life-like.  Similarly, the beauties from the CyberSkin Doll collection are made of the most realistic, sensual materials ever developed.  You'll swear you were making love to a real woman -- without the pressure to snuggle afterwards!  These sexy sirens make wonderful companions on lonely nights, as well as fun toys for couples' play.  Experimenting with one of these dolls is the closest you'll come to having a threesome without the awkwardness of including a third party in your love-making.

    Many sex dolls also come equipped with vibrating vaginas, mouths, and anuses to increase the amount of stimulation you receive from their tight holes.  You'll love the way they look and feel -- these toys are nothing like the gag gifts you see in movies and at bachelor parties!

    If you're looking for something really unique, let the beautiful, modern Crystal doll satisfy your every desire.  Her face is delicately painted, but the rest of her body is clear as glass.  You'll get a thrill from watching the action as you penetrate all of her three willing holes, seeing exactly how deep you're able to go.  Technology never looked this good!
    Pussy Galore

    Gifts and Gags, Too!

    While there are obviously plenty of other reasons to buy a love doll, I don't expect these traditional toys to go out of fashion for bachelor and single-guy gag gifts any time soon  That's why popular favorites like the Lovin' Lamb, Ms. Piglet, and Elsie the Cow  -- with realistic mooing action -- are so much fun to have around!  Inexpensive female dolls like Suzie O and Bobbi also make hilarious gifts for the guy who has everything (except a real live girlfriend)!  

    Whether you're looking for something funny or functional, a love doll is sure to satisfy.  Be careful -- with all the incredible choices on the market today, you may just find that real women aren't all they're cracked up to be!  
    Love Piggie      

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