How to Plan a Romantic Evening

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    How to Plan a Romantic Evening


    How To Plan a Romantic Evening:  Everything You Need For Hours of Erotic Enjoyment

    It's commonly said that nurturing a loving relationship takes a lot of hard work and dedication.  Even the most promising romance can begin to feel stale and stagnant if partners take each other for granted.  Instead of allowing that fresh, lustful feeling to fade away as the mundane aspects of your daily lives take over, make sure to plan quality time with your lover, renewing your interest in one another and learning more about him or her as an individual.  

    If you feel like you just don't know where to begin when it comes to romance, you're definitely not alone!  Most of the paired-up people I know feel as though they're facing a serious creative block whenever they try to come up with some special way to shower their partner with affection.  Here are some tips for creating a romantic and fun evening with lots of personal touches (and some physical ones too)!  

    Set the Mood

    Plan ahead.  Let your lover know at least a few days in advance, that you want to spend some quality time with him or her.  You can even send them a handwritten invitation, complete with your own line of sappy or silly poetry (think: roses are red/violets are blue/please let me spend/a sexy evening with you), plus the day and time you want to begin your enchanted evening.  A formal invitation will let him or her know that you really do have something very special planned.

    The day of your romantic encounter, spend some time making sure that at least one room of your home is free from clutter.  You don't want anything to distract you during your date.  Think of the scents your girl- or boy-friend adores, then set out some candles and dim the lights to create a more sensual atmosphere.  
    If your date begins at mealtime, you can choose between funny and fancy.  Don't trust yourself to cook an elaborate meal?  That's okay.  Get ahold of some Mama Peckeroni (tasty pasta in sexy shapes), a jar of your favorite sauce (pesto is an alleged aphrodisiac), a loaf of fresh bread, and the makings for a simple salad (hold the onions), and within half an hour, you can pull together a delicious and devilish meal.  If you have confidence in the kitchen, keep in mind that oysters, lobster, and chocolate mousse are all known for their romance-inducing properties.  

    You'll both enjoy dinner even more knowing that afterwards, you can begin to devour each other.
    Mama Peckeroni's Pasta

    Time for a Romantic Game

    If Old Wives' tales remind you not to go swimming immediately after a meal, it's probably not a good idea to jump straight into bed either!  Remember, you're planning a sensual evening, not a marathon in the bedroom.  Once you've finished dining, lead your lover into the room you've lit with deliciously scented candles, and introduce him or her to a new romantic tradition -- a lover's game.  There are many types to choose from, but you don't need to be intimidated.  Allow me to give you a quick run-down of what's available, and don't fret.  Anything you choose is bound to be pleasurable for the both of you!

    Simple Sex Games

    A pair of dice can take you to paradise and back with every toss.  Foreplay dice  are the perfect way to begin your evening of erotic anticipation.  Each roll reveals different actions to perform on your lover, leaving the two of you wanting more and more.  Similarly, there are dice created just for men or women who want to indulge their oral fantasies.  If you want to selflessly please your partner, these dice are the perfect way to go!

    You can also put a sexual twist on the popular children's game of Memory with Lover's Match.  This game contains dozens of pairs of cards depicting sensual foreplay activities.  Turn them all upside down on a table or on the floor, and take turns trying to match them up.  If you're lucky enough to get a pair, you both get to enjoy whatever action the two cards dictate.  

    Advanced Sexual Adventures

    Climaxx If a deck of cards and a pair of dice doesn't sound complicated enough for your sophisticated tastes,  there are plenty more games from which to choose.  Since your evening is supposed to be all about getting to know each other better than ever, heat up your conversations with Fantasy Cards Erotic Role-Playing Game.  You'll learn all about your partner's sexual fantasies so that when it comes time to jump into bed, you won't have any trouble knowing exactly how to satisfy his or her every desire.  

    Do you want to do more than talk dirty?  Get naughty with Climaxx, the game that tests your control as you move through a variety of erotic adventures.  See if you can make it to the end without having an orgasm.  Considering all the passionate positions and exciting foreplay activities you'll have to endure along the way, this game is a real challenge.  The good news is that you'll soon realize that using a little control now will allow you to enjoy yourself even more later.

    Take a Sexy Bath

    Now that you've enjoyed a delectable meal and the wonderful anticipation of foreplay, steam things up with a sexy bubble bath or shower.  Fill your tub with deliciously scented bubbles, then dive in for a relaxing and intimate splash.  Be prepared to fulfill every tub-time fantasy your lover has with bath oils, lotions, soaps, and powders.

    Are things getting a little too steamy?  Whip out a silly vibrating sponge to lighten the mood.  Since this sexy adult toy is shaped like a pair of kissable lips, you'll both be laughing as you "kiss" every delicate part of each other's bodies.  

    If you'd rather take things in the opposite direction, invest in a powerful waterproof vibrator for the ultimate in bathtime arousal.  The wide selection of water-loving vibes allows you to choose one that will satisfy your individual desires, whether you love g-spot, anal, or clitoral stimulation.  You won't want to get out of the tub!

    You're almost ready for the final stop on your romantic adventure, so wrap yourselves up in some luxurious, fluffy towels and head to the bedroom to end your evening with a real bang!

    Best Bets for the Bedroom

    The bedroom may be the most popular place for making love, but it's that way for a reason.  Don't be afraid to be traditional as you wind up  your evening under the sheets.  By now, you've treated your partner to a scrumptious dinner, an erotic game, and a steamy bath.  You've taken the time to talk to him or her about fantasies and secret pleasures, and you feel closer than ever.  You could both snuggle up and go to sleep right now, and the evening won't have been wasted.

    Or, you can get frisky one last time before you drift into dreamland.  See what you can remember from your earlier encounters and use that information to find every pleasurable spot on your partner's body.  If you've discovered a shared fantasy like bondage, anal temptations, or role-playing, now is the perfect time to explore those desires even further.  End your delightful date on a high note, and you'll dream of doing it all over again tomorrow.

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