Sexy Fashion Advice for Men

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    Sexy Fashion Advice for Men


    Sexy Fashion Advice for Men

    By now, we girls expect that you men have figured out that strutting into the bedroom in a pair of tighty-whiteys and socks isn't going to get you anything but a disgusted glare.  What you probably don't realize is that we like it when you make an effort to dress up for us.  After all, lingerie isn't just for women anymore.  It's time for you to slip out of those socks and try some of these new styles on for size!

    The Basics:  Enhance Your Package

    If you've got it, flaunt it.  There are now several types of briefs on the market that will help you make a statement without saying a word. Even your friendly neighborhood escort would be impressed!  Don't worry; these aren't your usual tighty-whiteys.  These undies will inspire your lover to think all kinds of naughty thoughts!  Just remember to take your socks off before you come strutting into the bedroom.
    G-String w/Posing Chain

    Lingerie with a Sense of Humor

    If your relationship is a playful one -- and I hope that it is -- dressing up doesn't have to mean looking like you just stepped off the stage at a Chippendales show.  You can get just as much milage out of looking buff in a humorous pair of undies.

    Elephant Undies Go for a quirky but cute first impression.  Light up the night with a flashy, disco ball g-string.  It even glows in the dark, to highlight your erection and show your lover the way to heaven.      
    With laughter being the incredible aphrodisiac that it is, showing off your self-confidence (and your package) in an adorable g-string will give your lover one more reason to be attracted to you.  Are you a Horny Devil?  With a set of red horns and googly eyes, these undies will highlight your masculinity and put a smile on her face.  

    Perhaps you'd rather have your penis compared to an elephant's long, strong trunk.  These Elephant Undies cover the bare minimum, revealing your cute butt from behind and leaving almost nothing to the imagination in front, either.  When I found a pair in my boyfriend's dresser shortly after we moved in together, I didn't feel discouraged knowing that they were a gift from his ex.  I was just eager for him to model them for me!

    Take a Walk on the Wild Side with Animal Prints

    Of course, funny and sweet isn't always the style you want to strut.  If elephant trunks strike you as a little too cartoonish, you can easily pick a pair of panties that will show off your wild side in a more traditional way.  Funky faux animal skins in cheetah, tiger, and zebra will give you the look of a macho caveman (with a better hairstyle and a much better vocabulary).  I can't think of a single woman who could resist a powerful hunter.  Rawr!

    Risque Attire that Isn't Risky

    Sometimes, good old fashioned sex appeal is exactly the look you want to achieve.  If you're in the mood to look like a porn star, you've got plenty of options from which to choose..  

    Mesh thongs and g-strings are comfortable and flattering.  You can even cover your entire upper body in fishnet, which is surprisingly warm and terrific to look at at the same time.  Or, choose gold lame, which will give your package all the appeal of a high-class, exotic dancer.    

    For a really extreme, but totally hot look, these incredible chaps will make your lover feel like a true dominatrix.  The same can be said for any studly attire that comes with suspenders or a posing strap.  When you're ready to go from soft and gentle to passionate and hardcore, these sexy styles will clue her in and turn her on.

    An Undies Overview

    No matter what style you prefer -- quirky or studly, extreme or simple -- you don't have to be limited by basic department store choices anymore.  There's a whole world of men's wear to satisfy every fetish and fantasy.  All you have to do is begin experimenting to see what kind of fashion suits you and your lover best.  And don't forget to have fun!  

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