Enter from the Rear: Anal Sex Tips for Beginners

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    Enter from the Rear: Anal Sex Tips for Beginners


    Enter From the Rear:  Anal Sex Tips for Beginners

    Ultimate Guide to Anal Sex for Women It's not often that you hear about a girl who just loves anal sex.  In fact, most of my brave friends who have experimented in this delicate act of carnal creativity have sworn never to repeat the awful experiences they had.  Me, I was all set to join their ranks without even trying it out.  I used to spend a good deal of time teasing a male friend about his own anal fantasies, wondering how anyone could find pleasure in something that sounds so painful.

    Then I foolishly fell in love with an anal afficianado.  Refusing to even try would have been a deal-breaker, and so I put on a brave face and announced that I was ready for a new adventure.  It was, indeed, an adventure, but I was pleasantly surprised to discover that contrary to what I'd been told, the entire event turned out to be more arousing than awful.  

    If you're feeling as ready as you'll ever be to begin exploring all things rear related, don't be shy.  Read on for some tips that will help you make your first attempt at anal exploration a journey you'll be eager to repeat.

    Relaxation is Key

    We've all heard the snide comments about what a certain uptight person might have up their butt, but the truth is that if you're feeling anxious, the last thing you need is someone poking around up there!  When you're ready to begin your anal adventures, don't jump right in.  Make sure that both you and your partner in crime have enjoyed plenty of foreplay.  Consider relaxing with a sexy bubble bath or fun, erotic game.  Take your time exploring each other's bodies, ensuring that pleasure is the only thing on your mind.  

    Anal Lube, Lovely Lube

    Once you're ready to begin your adventures, the most important thing to have on hand is lube.  If you want to feel every sensation, an all-purpose lubricant like Ultra Lube will suffice.  Astroglide is also popular for sexploration since it's petroleum free and won't leave you feeling sticky the way some lubes do.  If, however, you feel Cinnamon Anal Lube
    somewhat wary about what you're about to do, an anal lubricant may very well help to alleviate your physical and mental discomfort.  These lubes are specially designed to desensitize the nerve endings back there so that you'll feel nothing but pleasure.  You can even find them in different scents, like cinnamon, and a variety of fruity flavors.  With a comfortable amount of lube in place, you have even more reason to relax and enjoy your experience.

    Start with Smaller Anal Toys

    No matter what your eager lover says, you don't have to begin experimenting with something as large as his penis.  There are several toys on the market that can ease you into anal play without overwhelming you.  I tend to recommend these adult toys over the use of a well-lubed finger simply because they're much smoother and better designed to conform to your body.  You can even experiment on your own or with your private collection of sexual products so that you have a better idea of what feels good when you start playing with your partner.  A small set of anal beads or a narrow vibrator are wonderful for helping you gear up for the pleasure your lover's penis can offer.

    Perfecting Your Anal Sex Skills

    Once you've had the opportunity to experience how wonderfully pleasurable anal sex can be, I'm sure you'll be eager to learn more.  Books like The Ultimate Guide to Anal Sex for Women (also available as an instructional DVD) can give you further insight into how to get even more intense pleasure from your experiments.  Whether your anal exploits turn into an occasional treat for your partner or a regular part of your intimate relations, the key is to approach every encounter with an open mind and a willingness to have fun.  You'll be pleasantly surprised at just how satisfying rear end action can be!

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