Edibles in Action: Amazing Aphrodisiacs and Savory Sex Toys

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    Edibles in Action: Amazing Aphrodisiacs and Savory Sex Toys


    Edibles in Action

    Amazing Aphrodisiacs and Savory Sex Toys
    It's no coincidence that many of the same adjectives used to describe your favorite foods have sexual connotations as well. Imagine how the words sumptuous, satisfying, delicious, and decadent roll off your tongue. Even "spicy" and "hot" have dual meanings for both foods and fetishes. Some foods are known to act as aphrodisiacs all on their own, inspiring intense sexual arousal in anyone who dares eat them. It's no surprise, then, that edible enhancements for sex play are so popular -- and so thoroughly enjoyable!

    If you've fantasized about adding a tasty treat to your normal foreplay routine, now is a terrific time to begin experimenting. With so many different types of edible sex toys, there's sure to be at least one delectable dessert that will pleasure your taste buds (without neglecting the rest of your senses).
    Edible Condoms

    Edible Lingerie

    One of the most basic food-based foreplay enhancers, Edible Undies for men and women, as well as Edible Bras, are an erotic treat that's sure to delight you and your partner. Whether you prefer sweet flavors like strawberry, cherry, and passion fruit, or more sophisticated tastes like champagne and pina coloda, there's bound to be at least one flavor that will tempt you. Ask your lover to slip into something a little tastier and he or she will be more than willing to oblige. You'll get to enjoy an erotic dessert, and both of you will grow increasingly excited as you get closer and closer to finishing every last bite.

    If wrapping yours (or your lover's) privates in sugar sounds appealing, don't miss out on edible condoms. They won't protect against pregnancy or sexually transmitted disease, but they will make sure that the growling you hear during sex isn't coming from your tummy. Four flavors in each box will keep your taste buds tingling so that you both get more pleasure out of oral sex.

    All Over Edible Excitement

    Since most people don't want to dine at the same restaurant every night, I can only assume that you feel the same way about savory sexual toys. Edible condoms and undies are terrific for some occasions, but every once in a while, you want to mix it up and surprise your lover with a totally unexpected treat. Lickable tattoos, luscious whipped cream, and flavorful finger paints (available in classic fruity flavors as well as decadent chocolate) give you the pleasure of deciding exactly how to decorate and devour your partner's body. The truly adventurous can even make their own whipped cream for that satisfying, homemade taste and texture. You'll be more than willing to skip that overpriced ice cream sundae when you remember the dessert you have waiting at home.

    Spice Up Your (Oral) Sex Life

    Most men view blow jobs the way musicians view Mozart -- as a beautiful thing with no room whatsoever for improvement. Think again. Several candy treats have been created to take oral excitement to a new level. Share one of these yummy suckers with your lover before your tongues go to work, and you'll both be in for an incredibly sweet surprise. Enhance the flavor and feeling of every erotic lick and suck.

    A Final Note from the Food Critic

    Just like we all have our favorite foods for comfort, fine dining, and simply pigging out, we also have our own unique tastes in the bedroom. Take some time to explore your own preferences, and encourage your lover to do the same. You may feel shy about introducing your partner to the foodie foreplay of your fantasies, but do your best to quash your inhibitions, suggest a new kind of savory dessert, and wait for a positively passionate reaction. With so many new things cooking in our sexy kitchen, the two of you are bound to find a few treats that will get things cooking in the bedroom, too!

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