Exploring Prostate Play with Sex Toys

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    Exploring Prostate Play with Sex Toys


    Exploring Prostate Play with Sex Toys

    Curiosity abounds with regards to the orgasmic potential of the male prostate. In this article, we’ll focus on covering what the prostate is, how to find it, and selecting the best sex toys to use to stimulate and delight this often-forgotten area of the male body.

    What is the Prostate?

    The Prostate Gland is a small gland in the body that is oriented with the male reproductive system. Approximately the size of a walnut, the prostate gland is located in the pelvic area, tucked right near the pelvic bone, just below the outlet of the bladder, and surrounded by muscle. The primary function of this gland is storing and producing seminal fluid, the milky liquid that nourishes sperm.

    Engaging in Prostate Play

    As with any form of anal penetration and activity, not all men will like prostate play. There are
    societal taboos for heterosexual men surrounding partaking in anal play, and many men simply are not interested in exploring this area of their body. For those who do experiment with this exciting type of sex toy play for men, there will be some men who simply not find it enjoyable or stimulating as much as others. This is perfectly normal, as every individual has their own respective likes, dislikes, and interests.

    It is easiest to try out a new form of foreplay when aroused. Spend a lot of enjoyable, sensual time with your partner warming him up, teasing him, and arousing him. Foreplay is mutually enjoyable for both partners, and it’s best to experiment when both of you are enjoying yourselves and feeling comfortable with one another.

    To locate the prostate, insert a well-lubricated finger about two to three inches, (or two the second knuckle of your finger), and curl your finger in a ‘come here’ gesture. Stroke toward the front of the body, and you should be able to feel the prostate on the front part of the rectal wall. When sliding your finger on the front side up and inside the rectum, the prostate will feel like a rounded lump.

    Massage the prostate gently, and allow your partner to tell you what feels good. Some men prefer a pressing motion opposed to a rubbing motion, or a more firm press than a light stroke.
    Observe your partner’s breathing and the relaxation through their body gestures, and communicate openly with him about how he’s feeling. Stroking the shaft of his penis and caressing his body while doing this will only help him to feel more turned on and aroused with the new sensation.

    Using Prostate Stimulating Sex Toys

    There are a number of sex toys that can be great fun for prostate stimulation. Many toys made for stimulating women’s g-spots can also be used for prostate play. As always, if sharing toys, make sure to slide a condom over the toy and clean thoroughly when using it on different partners. No anal toy that is inserted into the rectum should be inserted into another partner or into a woman’s vagina until it has been thoroughly cleaned.

    There are also male sex toys made specifically for anal sex toy play, including those that vibrate and have multiple settings for different sensations. Sex toys can be made from acrylic material, glass, silicone, or a more pliable jelly material, and many of these adult sex toys can be chilled or heated to promote varied feelings.

    As with anything else, adding some prostate play to a sensual massage, oral or manual foreplay can result in increasingly pleasurable orgasms for your male partner.

    Have fun experimenting with all that prostate play has to offer!

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