Masturbation Toys for Men

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    Masturbation Toys for Men


    Masturbation Toys for Men

    While paging through many of the items in a typical sex store and adult novelty store site, it may appear that there aren’t a great number of sex toys made just for males. With this article, we’ll go over several types of adult toys made just for men that greatly increase the fun and variety of solo pleasure.

    Penis Pumps

    A penis pump is a simple device that uses a suctioning vacuum pressure to rush and trap blood in the chambers of the penis. The suction, usually controllable by a gauge with a hand pump, is often an extremely enjoyable feeling for many men. With so much blood circulating and filling the penis, the erection produced for the user is very firm, which can result in an increasingly strong orgasm. Whether using this sex toy for your own pleasure or with a partner, a penis pump can be a delightful deviation from your normal arousal methods and fantasies.

    Masturbation Sleeves

    Often made from soft, pliable substances such as jelly rubber, textured latex, or silicone, both fake pussies and masturbation sleeves are undoubtedly the most simple men’s toy. Sleeves are soft and easy to use; simply insert the penis into the open end and rub back and forth, in and out.

    Masturbation sleeves come in many different shapes – ranging from realistic - appearing fake vaginas to flashlights or other cylindrical items. Some have an internal bullet vibrator to enhance feeling; some have textured surfaces to enhance friction; others are internally lined to simulate intercourse with a woman. Many porn stars offer their own line of fake vaginas that are cast from molds of their own body parts, giving an interesting angle to watching a film and acting out your fantasies in the privacy of your own home!

    Cock Rings

    Cock rings work by trapping blood flow within the genitals, creating a more firm erection and increased sensitivity. For some men, this pressure can also result in a more powerful orgasm as well, whether playing solo or having intercourse with their partner.

    There are several types of cock rings to choose from, ranging from the basic single-strap adjustable type to fixed, non-adjustable metal or stretch rubber rings, to silicone/jelly style vibrating rings.

    Vibrators and Attachments

    Though many might believe vibrator sex toys are made for women, many men also enjoy holding a vibrator against their testicles or shaft while masturbating. The strong hum produced by an adult toy can give a different, exciting feeling while trying different modes, speeds, and types of vibrations.

    Some vibrators now come with attachments that make prostate play easier and more exciting. Also, with a number of the more popular vibrator vibes, different ‘heads’ may be fitted on the vibrator itself for different sensations. This idea is also a great one to share between partners and experiment with during mutual masturbation and intercourse.

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