How to put on a Condom

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    How to put on a Condom


    How to Put on a Condom

    It may seem nowadays that condoms are regularly used and widely understood, but the fact remains that many people don’t know how to properly put on a condom. With this article, you will know the facts of how to easily put on a condom for the best possible protection against pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases.

    Condoms may be purchased at grocery stores, pharmacies, drug and convenience stores, and at public or private health clinics. Though there are many brands to choose from, latex or polyurethane condoms are the most highly recommended for general use. Be certain to check the expiration date on the box, and store any condoms you are not using in a dry, cool place.

    First, check to see which way the condom unrolls easily. If you are trying to unroll a condom and it does not seem to unroll easily, you are unrolling it upside-down. The tip should be facing up, and the condom should easily unroll in the opposite direction.

    Now, place the condom on the tip of the penis and unroll it. If you have began to unroll a condom and find it is upside-down, toss it and use a new one to ensure no rips or tears.

    As you are rolling the condom down the penis, leave a small amount of room in the tip, and squeeze the air out of the condom’s tip. If you do not do this, the trapped air in the tip could cause the condom to break.

    After orgasm, withdraw the penis carefully while holding onto the condom at the base of the penis. You can now remove the condom and discard, keeping in mind that condoms may only be used ONCE.

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