Using a Cock Ring, Information on Cock Rings

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    Using a Cock Ring, Information on Cock Rings


    Using a Cock Ring

    Many people interested in cock rings peruse the selection, but because they aren’t sure how to select and use one, hesitate to indulge their curiosity. With this article, you will learn how cock rings work, how to select one from the basic styles available, and how to use your new sex toy.

    How Cock Rings Work

    Cock rings work by binding the penis and testicles, preventing the blood flow from leaving the genitals and keeping them engorged with blood. This can result in a harder erection and increased sensitivity for the wearer. Cock rings are not recommended for those with diabetes or nerve disease.

    Styles of Cock Rings

    There are many different styles of cock rings, but they basically fall into several different types:

    • Single Strap Cock Rings: 

      this style is usually made of leather and fastens with snaps or velcro. Make sure to trim your pubic hair if purchasing this style to avoid discomfort from fastenings.
    • Cock Rings that also separate the Testicles: 

      this style works much the same way as the single strap style, but has an additional strap that fastens over the testicles, squeezing them apart and separating them. For those that enjoy squeezing of the testicles or are seeking to go on to play with weights and cbt, this is a great choice. gs are not adjustable and not used with fasteners that are easy to remove, the only way to take off this type of ring is by losing your erection.
    • Non-Adjustable Cock Rings: 

      these are usually made of either aluminum or stretch rubber. While these aren’t recommended for those new to using cock rings, they can be a fun advanced toy to graduate to once becoming comfortable with other styles. Because these rings are not adjustable and are not easily removed by fasteners like snaps or velcro, the only way to remove these type of rings is by losing your erection. If you cannot manage to bring down your erection, do not panic. Calm down, use some ice on your genital area, and let yourself become flaccid before trying to remove the ring using lube. If you still cannot remove a non-adjustable ring, go to the Emergency Room, where they will be able to cut it off. Do not attempt to cut off a ring yourself!
    • Vibrating Cock Rings: 

      these cock rings have the added bonus of having an attached bullet vibe that can provide an enhanced sensation during masturbation or clitoral stimulation when used during intercourse with a female partner. Usually made of silicone or soft jelly rubber cock rings, these are also quite comfortable for the wearer and easily put on with sex lubrication.

    How to Use a Cock Ring

    Adjustable cock rings such as the single strap type may be put on while you are aroused. Simply fit it around your penis and under your testicles, and fasten it snugly. The other styles mentioned, such as the non-adjustable rings and vibrating varieties, should be put on while you are still flaccid.

    To put on a non-adjustable ring, hold the bottom side of the ring under your testicles. Slip one testicle in through the ring at a time, then slip your soft penis through the ring. Make sure to use sex lubrication as needed to put on the ring and slide it into place comfortably.

    A non-adjustable cock ring will stay on as long as you have your erection; the strap types can be easily removed at any time you wish by unfastening them accordingly.

    A Final Word of Caution

    If you are new to using cock rings, try wearing and playing with one for a maximum of 15-20 minutes at a time. Blood normally circulates freely in and out of the penis, even during an erection. By using a cock ring for an unrecommended extended period of time and trapping blood in your genitals, you can damage the blood vessels at the base of your penis, create lasting and bothersome soreness, or even affect the tissue and chambers within the penis.

    Play safely with your new sex toy, and experiment to find out the best time to put it on, how long to war it, and how you like using the many other styles of rings available.

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