How Do Penis Pumps and Enlargers Really Work?

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    How Do Penis Pumps and Enlargers Really Work?


    How Do Penis Pumps and Enlargers Really Work?

    You may have seen the adult sex toy ads for penis pumps and similar enlargement device sex toys in the back of popular men’s magazines, or here online in our sex toy stores and sites. If you’ve ever wondered how these devices work, or if they do, settle down and read through the rest of this article as we take a look at how these devices work and how they are used.

    How Do Penis Pumps Work?

    Penis pumps create a vacuum effect around the penis, increasing blood flow. When increasing amount of blood flow to the shaft of the penis and up into the head, the chambers inside the penis are forced to expand to accommodate all the blood flowing in. Instead of this blood circulating in and then leaving the penis, the expansion of the chambers of the penis when using a penis pump sex toys will keep the influx of blood there.

    If you have seen a photo of a common penis pump, you’ll notice they often come with a cylinder that is meant to fit over the penis. When this cylinder is fitted snugly over the penis and held tightly against the body, air is prevented from entering. Squeezing the hand pump that is attached to the cylinder will gradually increase the blood flowing into the penis. With the blood flowing into the chambers of the penis, the internal tissues will expand with consistent use see here for an example.

    What about Size?

    The size of the erection using a penis pump will be just as if you’re extremely aroused. The way this is achieved is by fully engorging the penis with blood, expanding the chambers and tissues to maximum capacity, as explained above. Please note that these effects are only temporary.

    Long-Term Use and Cautions

    While a penis pump will give a strong temporary erection due to the way they work, it is believed that these devices are not safe for long-term use. Using a pump over time can also damage tissue, cause nerve damage or burst blood vessels, and result in impotence. While there is no reason to fear such severe results with only occasional use of these devices, it is wise to exercise caution using a device on a long-term basis or for extended periods of time, (which is not recommended.)

    It is also recommended to purchase a pump that has a pressure gauge, and to avoid overpumping the sex toy device.

    Other Benefits of Penis Pumps

    Men who have health issues causing issues with blood circulation, such as diabetes or poor blood circulation, can and have found success with using penis pumps to gain and maintain an erection. Because these type of health problems will prevent enough blood flow from being maintained in this area, pumps will force blood flow into the penis and hold it there, allowing for a successful erection and intercourse.

    Always follow the instructions with any device you may choose to use, and play safely!

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