Red Hot Holiday Adult Sex Toy Gifts for Him

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    Red Hot Holiday Adult Sex Toy Gifts for Him


    Red Hot Holiday Adult Sex Toy Gifts for Him

    So you’re looking to heat things up for the holidays, and you don’t mean the Christmas ham. This time of year provides the perfect opportunity to both rejuvenate the old as well as to try things new. Give him a gift that allows the two of you to focus on each other. The following items are unlikely to turn up in Santa’s sack, but sure to rate high on your guy’s list.

    Gift Wrapping Is Key.
    The most mundane of gifts can take on new interest when wrapped in a fancy box, with ribbon and all the trimmings. Let your guy know that “All I Want for Christmas Is You.” Present him with a festive red mesh thong, and you’ll have the added benefit of unwrapping a special package of your own.

    Perhaps you are looking to inject a bit more humor into your gift-giving. The unique elephant undies, complete with movable trunk, will bring out the animal in him. And your Christmas lights will dim in comparison to your man donning the flashing disco light underwear. Not since Rudolph’s nose has a light glowed so brightly!  

    A Time to Indulge
    Between holiday parties, cookies and gift baskets everywhere you turn in the office, and the lavish spread on the day itself, the holidays have a decadently fattening effect on the waistline. The following delicacies will allow you and your guy to get more bang for your buck.
    • How about turning you or your guy into a living ice cream sundae. Pour the Chocolate Fantasy Body Topping all over you or your guy. Add cherry or strawberry whipped crème, complete with candy sprinkles. A variety of whipped cream flavors are available. Bon appetit!
    • The holidays often bring back fond memories of childhood and the wonder and hope of the season through a young one’s eyes. Feel free to regress, with a mature twist on an old favorite—chocolate body finger paints. And unlike your childhood paints—these are safe (and encouraged) to eat! Need a larger variety of colors to express your artistic side? Use your man’s body as a canvas with the fruit-flavored and multi-colored adult paint box. Perhaps your tastes run to more psychedelic? The glow in the dark finger paints, in four colors, will have you and your partner radiating with a light of your own.
    • Not a fan of lumpy, heavy Christmas pudding? The three flavor gift set of body pudding could be more to your liking.
    • Old time classics stand the test of time for a reason—why mess with tradition? Peterbutter, in a variety of flavors, is a proven favorite for good reason.

    Lotions And Potions.
    Want to keep your lovemaking smoldering for as long as that infamous television yuletide log? You may have heard about the wonderous effects of Yohimbe. You and your guy can experience it’s amazing, erection-sustaining qualities with the Yohimbe Erection Lotion. Or try the Stud Power Sex Oil which combines the energizing of Ginseng, with a super slick lubricant.

    Warm up those chilly nights with your own body heat—and the luxury of sensual massage. Liquid Love, which comes in a variety of flavors (I prefer Choco Cherry myself), tastes great—and heats up in your hands and on your body. Or let your man lick warm cinnamon schnapps off your breast with the Hot Hooters Warming Booby Oil. If you and your guy are hard core lovers of massage, you may want to invest a kit. The Sensual Lover Massage Kit is a fine choice, with everything that you need for mutual indulgence.

    Games That Make Candyland Seem Like Child’s Play.
    What could be more fun than a game that the two of you could use to play with each other? Bring yourself back to your playground days with the Love Swing built for two.

    Miss the days when you could play make-believe? The Fantasy Card Game can allow you and your guy to tap into your imagination and role play to your heart, mind and body’s content. Or try the Exploring Ultimate Fantasies Game, which contains a plethora of props such as a special vibrator, two kinds of cards, a feather, and Spanish fly.

    In our busy lives, foreplay often gets pushed to the wayside. Slow it down, experiment and make a game of it with the Foreplaying Cards. Does your guy need extra motivation? Speak his language—the Foreplaying Dart Game combines a variety of sports. Does your man prefer the television to the written word? The Sex Games for Couple video is a must-watch for the two of you.  

    New Year, New Beginnings.
    Make it you and your partner’s resolution to try something new, and do something different, during the upcoming year. There are a variety of games and videos to assist you in doing so.

    Enjoy your holidays, and be sure to play safe! Our mistletoe condoms provide protection and are cute as hell to boot. Cheers!

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